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Akashi Single Malt   Ichiro Malt and Grain
$104.99   $104.99
Founded over a hundred years ago, Akashi used to produce whisky only once a year, the rest of its time dedicated to sake and sochu.  After increasing production to meet demand, Akashi finally has enough stock to ship overseas.  Aged in ex-bourbon, sherry, and, of course, sochu barrels.   From famed whisky maker Ichiro Akuto comes a unique blend.  In this bottle are Japanese single malts and grain whiskies, as well as aged whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the U.S.A., all of which were married and aged an additional 3 years.

Nikka Pure Malt


Nikka Coffey Malt

$69.99   $69.99
A blend of single malts from the two distilleries founded by Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky.  The majority is from Miyagikyo, modern and sherry finished, while the rest is the peaty, briney, and direct coal-fire distilled Yoichi.   An experiment in distillation technique, Nikka took their single malt mash and fed it through their coffey still (one of the original column still designs) instead of their pot still.  It proved popular and tasty enough to add to their core lineup.
Mars Shinshu Iwai Tradition   Kaiyo Mizunara Oak
$54.99   $65.99
Named after the mentor of the first Japanese whisky distiller, Iwai Tradition is distilled in a pitureaque mountain town, and is Japan's highest distillery.  Tradition is well rounded and malt driven, with defined peat and sherry notes.   Mizunara, aka Japanese Oak, is by far the priciest oak cask in the world, costing over ten times as much as the next most expensive barrel.  It grows so slowly that a tree has to be over two hundred years old before it can be harvested, and its curvy nature and high knot content means it has to be planed by hand, with lots of waste.  In fact, it wasn't until WWII embargos forced Japanese whisky makers to use it that they discovered just how wonderfully expressive it is in a whisky.
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